All teaching materials I've created during graduate school are provided on this page. I'd like these resources to be publicly and freely available. If you find my teaching materials on a site that requires any form of payment (monetary or otherwise), please shoot me an email.

Physics 110A: Electomagnetism and Optics

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These materials were created in Spring 2017 for Professor Dan McKinsey's class with my co-GSI, Niladri Chatterji. Niladri and I split up the development of these materials equally. I've only provided my half of the teaching materials, which is why some weeks or problem sets are not listed. The materials include:

Physics 112: Introduction to Statistical and Thermal Physics

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These materials were created in Fall 2016 for Professor Zi Qiu's class. They include:

Physics 7B: Physics for Scientists and Engineers

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I taught Physics 7B in both Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. I've included materials relevant for students both taking and teaching the class. They include: