Delta Analytics
Delta Analytics connects Bay Area non-profits to local data professionals in order to facilitate the usage of data toward their missions. I served as a Data Fellow in 2020, working with a team to support Tarjimly. Tarjimly provides a platform capable of matching bilingual volunteers to displaced persons or aid workers in need of translating services. We developed a lightweight and scalable machine learning algorithm that provides the matching service for Tarjimly's app. We presented our work at the 2020 Machine Learning for the Developing World NeurIPS Workshop.

DataKind is an organization that brings together non-profit organizations and skilled volunteers to push forward data-related work for social impact. During 2020, I served on a DataCorps project with MedicMobile examining how predictive models could strengthen frontline community health workers in Kenya. See a summary of some our work here!

Respect is Part of Research
RPR is a peer-led sexual harassment and assault workshop for first year graduate students. Originating in the Physics and Astronomy departments, we've since expanded to a variety of other departments at UC Berkeley. If you're interested in establishing an RPR workshop in your department, feel free to reach out!

OpenOakland is a Code for America Brigade. I helped Oakland Tech Exchange, an organization aimed at bridging the digital divide, perform data analysis that informed their understanding of the divide in the Bay Area.